Välkomna att hedra Hans Helighet Dalai Lamas 81:a födelsedag!



Vi offrar ljus, mediterar, reciterar Långt Livs bön samt tillägnar de goda förtjänsterna till Dalai Lamas Långa Liv, uppfyllande av hans önskningar samt för fred i världen.

Efter meditationen fikar vi tillsammans.

Tid: Onsdagen den 6 juli 2015, kl 18:00-20:00 (föranmälan behövs ej)

Plats: Föreningen för Tibetansk Buddhism i Göteborg, Linnégatan 21, 413 04 Göteborg

Kontaktperson: helen.persson@tibetanskbuddhism.se

Relic Exhibition, Intro to Tantra and Shiné meditation with Geshe Gyalten, 2016 August 12-14

Friday 12 August 2016 – Relics Exhibition and Choden Rinpoche’s Life. The precious Relics of Choden Rinpoche will be exhibited on Friday afternoon, 13.00 – 1600.

More information about His Eminence Choden Rinponche, Geshe Gyalten’s teacher:



In the evening, Geshe Gyalten will give a talk about Choden Rinpoche’s life and how the Relics come about.

Weekend Course, Saturday and Sunday 13 and 14 August 2016 – Calm Abiding and Introduction to Tantra:

During the first session on Saturday, Geshe Gyalten will give instructions and guidance on doing Calm Abiding meditation. For those that are interested in receiving more guidance in Calm Abiding, Geshe Gyalten will also lead a Calm Abiding retreat in September 2016 in Greece.

More information about the retreat can be read here: http://tibetanskbuddhism.se/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/GreeceRetreatCalmAbiding.pdf

Geshe Gyalten will give an introduction to the practice of Buddhist Tantra (also known as Vajrayana or Mantrayana), which is a swift path to enlightenment. . The course is suitable for both experienced and beginning practitioners for deepening their understanding of this extraordinary practice.

On the last session on Sunday evening, there will be an opportunity to do Tsok, which is a group often done on auspicious days and on full moon days. Tsok is closely related to tantric practice, and one can bring food items for the gathering, such as fruits, sweets, and other small items.


Weekend course program

Friday 12 August
13.00 – 16.00: Relics exhibition
2 hour break
18.30 – 20.30: About Relics and Choden Rinpoche’s life

Saturday 13 August
10.00 – 12.00: Calm abiding meditation and instruction.
12.00 – 13.00: Introduction to Tantra
14.30 – 17.00: Introduction to Tantra

Sunday 14 August
10.00 – 13.00: Introduction to Tantra
14.30 – 16.00: Introduction to Tantra
16.00 – 17.00: Tsok

Course fee: 800 SEK (900 SEK for non members)
Membership at Föreningen för Tibetansk Buddhism I Göteborg costs 250 SEK (can be paid with cash, or sent to the association’s Plusgiro 831 87 20-3)

Only Friday: 100 SEK (Pre-registration not required)

Inquiries and registration: lee@tibetanskbuddhism.se.
The course fee can be paid to the Association’s Plusgiro account 831 87 20-3, preferably latest a week before the course start.

For more information about the course: lee@tibetanskbuddhism.se

The talks will be given in English at the Föreningen för Tibetansk Buddhism i Göteborg,, located on Linnégatan 21 B, Gothenburg.

Warm Welcome!

Biography of Geshe Gyalten

In 1990, His Eminence Choden Rinpoche gave him the ordination name of Gyalten Kunga and took him as a close personal student. Since then, Geshe-la has followed Rinpoche everywhere like a shadow follows the body. Under Rinpoche’s guidance and instruction, Geshe-la learned the five great classical treaties of Buddhist Philosophy: the Perfection of Wisdom, Middle Way, Logic and Reason, Treasury of Knowledge and Vinaya (monastic discipline) as well as Lam Rim, Mind Training and Tantra at Sera Monastery for 15 years.

Geshe-la received the Geshe Lharampa Degree (equivalent to a PhD in Buddhism) in 2005 and learned Tibetan Medicine. For 11 years, he has traveled with H E Choden Rinpoche around the world to assist Rinpoche and to share his extensive knowledge of Buddhist philosophy, meditation, Tibetan medicine and yoga.

He speaks Tibetan, Hindi, Chinese and English fluently. Geshe Gyalten has established several Dharma centers around the world including in the USA. The warmth of his smile has touched the hearts of thousands.

Buddhistiska biografier

Föredrag tisdagen 12 april 19.00

Jan Bärmark, professor emeritus i vetenskapsteori

Jan Bärmark, professor emeritus i vetenskapsteori

Biografier är viktiga som tröst och inspiration för utövare och icke utövare av den buddhistiska läran. Det tibetanska ordet för biografi, nam par tharpa, betyder ”genom att se förverkligar vi själva”. Genom att se hur män och kvinnor i buddhismen i sina liv målmedvetet arbetat efter att utveckla självkännedom, visdom och medkänsla får vi vägledning och inspiration att göra detsamma.

Föredraget kommer att handla om biografins roll i buddhismen med flera exempel på biografier om kvinnor och män i Kagyutraditionen.

Jan Bärmark är professor emeritus i vetenskapsteori och har bl a varit föreningens ordförande.

Tid:  tisdag 12 april, kl. 19.00
Plats: Föreningens lokal på Linnegatan 21 (samma hus som Hagabion, ingången till höger)
Avgift:  100 kr

Kum Nye Yoga 25/2, inställt 10/3

Välkomna till Kum Nye Yoga Öppen grupp torsdag 25/2, 18.30-20.00. OBS att Kum Nye är inställt torsdag 10/3.

Kum Nye består av rörelse- och andningsövningar, mantran och självmassage, som leder till att vi finner bättre balans mellan kropp och sinne.

Dreaming Lhasa

Karma, a Tibetan filmmaker from New York, goes to Dharamsala, the Dalai Lama’s exile headquarters in northern India, to make a documentary about former political prisoners who have escaped from Tibet. She wants to reconnect with her roots but is also escaping a deteriorating relationship back home.

One of Karma’s interviewees is Dhondup, an enigmatic ex-monk who has just escaped from Tibet. He confides in her that his real reason for coming to India is to fulfill his dying mother’s last wish, to deliver a charm box to a long-missing resistance fighter. Karma finds herself unwittingly falling in love with Dhondup even as she is sucked into the passion of his quest, which becomes a journey into Tibet’s fractured past and a voyage of self-discovery.

Fredag 19 februari, kl. 18.00

Lakha Lama, ”We are the creator”, 26-28 februari

Bästa medlemmar!

Vi har glädjen att meddela att Lakha Lama kommer till vår förening i februari och föreläser på temat; ”We are the creator”

Lakha Lama

Was born in Tibet in 1942 and five years later enthroned as the reincarnated Lama of Batang and thus selected as the spiritual leader of more than 100,000 Tibetans in Eastern Tibet.

In 1959 Lakha Lama fled to India, and for five years was a politician in the in the Tibetan Exile Government together with HH Dalai Lama. In 1976 he left India and came to Denmark.

Lakha Lama as a refugee experienced losing everything. He has made use of the Buddhist philosophy and understanding of the human mind and its deep resources in his daily life, and can therefore pass on this wisdom not only in terms of his knowledge of Buddhism through his studies, but also drawing from his rich personal life experiences.

Program och tid;

Fredag; 26 februari
Tid; 18 30- 20 30′
Tema; The way to understand the buddhist term: ”We are the creator”

Lördag; 27 februari
Tid; 10.30 – 16.00
Tema; ”Deeper Explanation of the Chenrezig recitation”

Söndag; 28 februari
Tid 10.30 – 16.00
Tema; ”Four Noble Truths”

Kursavgift; medlemmar 800 kronor, icke- medlemmar 900 kronorEnbart fredag 100,00 kronor, föredraget, kontant på plats går bra.

Anmälan görs genom mejl till leif@tibetanskbuddhism.se och genom att avgiften betalas till föreningens plusgiro- konto 831 87 20-3 senast en vecka innan kursstart.
Vill du endast delta enstaka dagar eller del av kursen så går det bra.

Föreningens strävan är att hålla låga avgifter för kurser så att så många som möjligt kan delta. Vi tar därför även emot frivilliga donationer från dem som önskar.

Förfrågningar ställs till leif@tibetanskbuddhism.se